Our solution for vehicle priority

Our long-term experience from existing projects guarantee that your project will be a success.

Our case studies

Instead of writing in theory what is possible, we rather present our important previous projects as case studies. We are convinced that they will match also your needs!

Complex project showing excellent integration of C-ITS into ITS system:
  • 130 public transport vehicles (buses, trolleybuses)
  • 40 intersections (complete city coverage)
  • 3 emergency vehicles
  • C-ITS Back office
  • 7 roadwork vehicles
The project was awarded in the european competition C-ROADS Urban C-ITS Contest!
The largest V2X-based priority project in Europe:
  • 800 public transport vehicles (buses, trams, trolleybuses)
  • 80 intersections
  • 20 fire brigade vehicles
  • replacement of older priority systems
  • more than three years of full operation
Full fleet public transport equipped by V2X:
  • 90 buses
  • connected to the board computer using IBIS-IP
  • OBU fully controls priority based on own data
  • R09 used for priority
Full fleet of public transport vehicles equipped with V2X:
  • 650 public transport vehicles (buses, trams, trolleybuses)
  • coordinated stay at public transport stop
  • additional use-cases
 A bus equipped by our OBU:
  • Connected to the board computer by IBISPlus
  • secured communication (PKI by Escrypt)
  • priority at RSUs by Yunex and Swarco
  • SRM/SSM used for priority