Traffic priority using V2X

Faster, more economical and safer traveling in the city

V2X technology as one of its use-cases bring the possibility to make traveling of dedicated vehicles faster and safer. Public transport vehicles, emergency vehicles or just delivery vehicles might request priority at signalized intersections. Thanks to priority, the vehicle travels through the intersections faster, safer and with lower fuel consumption.

Enabling priority using V2X has the following benefits:

  • the vehicle travels faster, as the traffic light controller changes its signal plan to provide green for the vehicle,
  • the vehicle travels safer (mainly emergency vehicle), as it passes the intersection on green and vehicles in other directions stay on red,
  • the vehicle travels economically, as it does not have to stop several times on red,
  • communication follows European standards and allows interoperability between different vendors.

V2X can be selected as a single communication interface for achieving all of these.

Naturally, priority is ensured by coordination of OBU on a vehicle and RSU at the traffic light controller. Priority of vehicles is therefore a result of their cooperation.


Public transport priority

Public transport priority makes travelling of busses or trams faster and more comfortable for the passengers. In turn, this makes public transport more attractive to people and thus contributes to sustainable transport.

Emergency vehicle priority

Every second counts – fire brigade vehicles or ambulances have to get to their destination very quickly. The most dangerous places when traveling to a location of their intervention are intersections. Why not to make their travel safe and faster by giving them green?