Ludwigsburg - a full fleet deployment in Germany

90 buses which can request priority on all intersections in the city.

Mid-size city, large project

Ludwigsburg is one of a few cities in Europe which have installed RSUs on all their intersections - 120 RSUs. As a second phase, we were contracted to deliver OBUs for buses of the local public transport operator. As with the RSUs, this was one of the largest projects of its kind in Germany.

Highlights of the project

The project was finished in 2021.

Communication with the board computer

The board computer by IVU communicates with the OBU using the protocol IBIS-IP – that is, according to the norm VDV 301-2. The service used is CustomerInformationService. Our OBU supports all features of IBIS-IP, mainly the DNS-SD service announcement.

Configuration of the priority points

In this project we encountered a common issue: the priority points (“Meldepunkte”) are stored in the board computer and there is no way how to get them via a communication interface.

To get the points to OBU, we had to process the configuration data from the board computer. The configuration data is stored in a form of traveled distance between stops. As V2X is dependent on GNSS coordinates, we first projected the traveled distances on a geographic route of the public transport line or connection. By combining several sources, we succeeded in getting a complete configuration of all priority points to the OBU.

Now, the vehicle, based on its line number, selects the correct priority points for given maneuver in the intersection.