C-ITS Back office- central system

AnBos is a C-ITS BO (Back office) system for management of C-ITS units and for C-ITS message generation

Unit location on a map and their status
Driver information

Many information for the drivers, such as roadworks or bad weather, can only be detected at a central level. C-ITS Back office allows to create and distribute such warning C-ITS messages. The messages are then sent by RSUs and OBUs near the event. In addition, the C-ITS BO also collects warning messages from RSUs and OBUs, hence allowing central detection of traffic events. The events can be created automatically or manually.

Unit monitoring

Especially in public transport, there can be many C-ITS units and many of them are often offline. It is therefore essential to automatically monitor the status of the unit. Our system allows not only to monitor the position of the units, but also logs priority events, device errors, provides their statistics and exports. Everything is presented using a convenient web interface.

Unit management

Our C-ITS BO allows to completely configure the units, both RSUs and OBUs. The user can set everything from vehicle type for OBU, protocol with the board computer to data for the MAP message. Also PKI and security is configurable from AnBos. After the configuration is created, a configuration package is sent to the unit. The SW updates can be done using this platform as well.

Fact sheet

General properties
Operating System
web interface, so any reacent browser is enough