Hamburg - OBU for the BiDiMoVe project

Our unit is now tested in the scope of the BiDiMoVe project.

Secured priority requests

Our OBU is now used to provide prioritization of a bus in Hamburg, the place of the ITS World Congress 2021. After our successful participation at the BiDiMoVe Plugtest, our OBU was selected to be tested in the project in real operation.

Highlights of the project

Communication with the board computer

The board computer by Trapeze communicates with the OBU using the protocol IBISPlus. The data provided are of high quality and suitable for priority control.

Priority control

Unlike the system in Brno, in BiDiMoVe the SREM does not target a particular intersection. Instead, it is sent for all RSUs in the vicinity. The SREM is filled by a data about the current trip – e.g., line number, next stop and delay. The RSU forwards the SREM to a central system. After the priority request is accepted, a SSEM is generated at the RSU and received by OBU.

Messages from RSU

V2X allows also many other services, except for public transport priority. The city of Hamburg is investing a lot to have a working and rich C-ITS system. As the vehicle with our OBU travels through the city, it receives various V2X messages. As an example, it correctly processes messages with an intersection topology (MAPEM) and signal plan of the traffic light controller (SPATEM). The result can be seen to the left: the OBU correctly localized itself to a lane of the intersection and is able to show time to green.

Transition RSU

In the middle of this year, we will deliver an RSU to Hamburger Verkehrsanlagen. Inspired in Brno, it will be so called “transition” RSU. That is, its goal is to enable public transport and emergency vehicle priority on an older traffic light controller – a controller which does not support V2X. This way, we can help in the transition phase from analogue radio to V2X.