Public transport priority in Třebíč

Public transport priority in Třebíč

Public transportation plays an important role in mobility and reducing traffic congestion in today’s world. The city of Třebíč is well aware of this fact and has decided to invest in advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency and comfort of its residents and visitors. The Public Transportat Priority Project in Třebíč represents a significant step forward in the utilization of modern technologies in this field. One of the key components of this project is the V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) system, which includes the installation of On-board Units (OBUs) on buses, Road-side Units (RSUs) at intersections, a dispatch center, and other innovative elements.

The OBU units installed on buses consist of several parts. The OBU itself serves as the central brain that ensures bus preference at intersections and relays critical V2X messages to the drivers. This means that buses can smoothly traverse intersections with minimal delays, thus reducing travel time. Additionally, the OBU includes a driver display that provides essential information and allows the driver to input specific routes, lines, and stops.

RSUs at intersections are another crucial element of this project. These units are connected to intersection controllers and facilitate vehicle preference at crossroads. Thanks to RSUs, buses can navigate intersections more efficiently, improving traffic flow and saving passengers’ time.

The Anbos server acts as the hub for managing all OBU units on buses and RSUs. It monitors the entire system and is responsible for collecting and analyzing data related to public transportation, which can be used for further system optimization.

Intelligent bus stops represent an innovative aspect of this project. Equipped with V2X technology, these stops enable the exchange of information between vehicles and bus stops. This opens up new possibilities for providing information to passengers, such as displaying the current locations of buses and estimating their arrival times.

The Transportella server, designed for managing data related to intelligent bus stops, serves as a central point for data management from these modern stops. It collects and processes information about public transportation, leading to more efficient management and enhanced passenger comfort.

The Transportella dispatch software allows public transportation operators to monitor and control bus operations in real-time. This means that quick responses to issues and changes in traffic can be initiated, ensuring effective bus routing.

The entire Public Transportation Priority Project in Třebíč serves as an exemplary model of how modern technology can improve urban public transportation and contribute to the sustainability of urban life. Třebíč is demonstrating the path that cities should follow if they wish to provide efficient, environmentally-friendly, and comfortable public transportation for their residents.