Karlovy Vary – Modernization of Transportation System Using 5G Technology

Karlovy Vary – Modernization of Transportation System Using 5G Technology

Significant progress in the field of transportation and intelligent solutions came to the city of Karlovy Vary in the month of June. As part of the 5G for 5 Cities project, which focuses on the implementation of 5G networks in cities, new technological units have been delivered, bringing improvements to public transport and emergency services.

A total of 3 RSU units and 10 OBU units have been delivered in our part of the project. Out of these units, 7 were designated for public transport, 2 for emergency services, and 1 unit for the city’s transportation company.

Additionally, tablets equipped with the V2Vis application developed by Herman have been provided in this project, serving as informational interfaces for drivers directly in their vehicles. These tablets will display various information, such as warning signs, warnings, and command traffic signs, alerts for roadwork, identification of hazardous locations, and possible collisions with vehicles. Furthermore, drivers will be informed about the presence of pedestrians and cyclists at crossings.

Furthermore, a traffic camerras have been used to automatically and in real time detect hazardous situations on the roads. These situations are then transmitted as warning messages through the RSU units, increasing driver awareness and contributing to improved road safety in the city.

This entire project represents a significant step towards intelligent transportation in the city of Karlovy Vary. The implementation of 5G technology enables the utilization of modern solutions that enhance safety and driving efficiency.

Ambulance with our OBU
Image from the traffic camera with detected vehicles
Installed RSU (behind the main road sign) with antenna system and two detection cameras