Hradec Králové – the most complex C-ITS project

Hradec Králové – the most complex C-ITS project

As part of the public tender “Intelligent Transport System in Hradec Králové,” a very complex C-ITS system was created. Communication via V2X technology unifies the communication of all vehicles into one standard. The system consists of all parts of a C-ITS system:

  • 40 RSU units on all intersection in the city
  • 130 OBU units on all public transport vehicles of the local public transport operator
  • 7 OBUs on roadwork vehicles of the local road operator
  • 1 OBU on ambulance
  • 1 OBU on a fire truck
  • 1 OBU on a vehicle of a municipal police
  • C-ITS Back office server

Thanks to the complexity of the project, it can be considered one of the most interesting deployment in Europe. This is proved by the award which Hradec Králové received in C-ROADS Urban C-ITS Contest. The prize was awarded in Porto, Portugal, in October 2023.


The original main goal of creating the C-ITS system was to ensure prioritizing of public transport and emergency vehicles. In course of the project, more important parts were added, such as the C-ITS Back office server Anbos.

All parts of the system work as autonomously as possible, minizing the user interaction:

  • The C-ITS Back office can trigger automatic warnings based on events detected from traffic cameras,
  • public transport vehicles take necessary data from the on-board computer,
  • emergency vehicles trigger warnings whene the lightbar is on



 This project brings significant improvements to the prioritization of public transport and the integrated emergency system in Hradec Králové. Communication and V2X technology enable the optimization of vehicle traffic, improving efficiency and flow, while ensuring quick responses in emergency situations.


RSU on one of the intersections
The map of the city with MAPEM messages and RSU locations